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RE: Hashkings Launch in less than 2 hours.

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Hi there. Hashkings looks interesting. How do you get a good start in this game?

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That depends on many factors. do you already have a land plot? If not you may have to wait until rentals open up. The game is still in Alpha and not fully functional. There also isn't a whitepaper or official tutorial yet. I read posts for al-gaming and Hashkings and then started playing with a strategy that works for me and what I want to focus on in game..

Thank you fir the answer. I don't own a plot. Just stumbled across the game yesterday.

Ok, You will likely have to wait a bit until rentals open up. There are plots you can buy on but in my opinion they are too expensive. I plan to rent out my lower tier plots and I will write a post once rentals are live. I don't know when that will be yet but I will try to write update posts once I know more.