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Hola amigos buenos humos.

Hello friends good smoke.

Ahora quiero mostrarles esta planta que tiene los síntomas que se ven en las fotografías y creo que ya está bastante avanzado... Tu has tenido brotritis en el cultivo?.

Crees que se puede salvar? Que fungicidas orgánicos me recomendarías?

Now I want to show you this plant that has the symptoms that you see in the pictures and I think it is already quite advanced... Have you had brotritis in your crop?
Do you think it can be saved? What organic fungicides would you recommend?



Gracias por llegar hasta acá. Hasta la próxima.

Thanks for getting here. Until next time.


I would just cut it out.

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Thanks for you comment friend. ✂️

Would you Band-Aid the cut?

That sucks, I agree with them cut it out and maybe Band-Aid the cut?


Best to cut it, but I have had limited success with an organic fungicide

I think I will cut it off in 3 days if it does not improve with the cinnamon powder I applied. 🙁

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