Using BTC to buy the strain I have always wanted to grow


Too bad they don't accept any other crypto


I have been trying to find some Grandaddy Purple seeds for a decent price for a while now. The Seedsman store has them, but they want at least $120 for a pack of seeds the last time I was checking their site. But then I found them on Growers Choice Seeds in smaller packs for $39 and up.

With shipping and fees and all of that other nonsense, it was 0.00143336 BTC, which was about $65 at the time of the transaction. Not too crazy of a price, but I was hoping for a LTC payment method because the fees on the BTC network are way higher. A Hive payment method would be an even better option though because there would be zero fees associated with the transaction.



I have been wanting to get my hands on this strain for a VERY long time now. Every time I go to any dispensary I have been on the lookout for it. It is a 100% Indica strain that is perfect for relaxation, sleep and anxiety. It is the perfect strain for what I use cannabis for.

The seeds I ordered are going to be my first photoperiod plants I have ever grown. So it will be a lot different than the autoflowers I have been growing so far. Once I get the seeds, I will be germinating one of them and starting its life cycle. I will have a couple weeks left on my Red Poisons by the time I get the seed ready for the ground, so I will just set it in the tent alongside of the autos I have growing right now.


These babies have about 7 weeks left until harvest and they are about to really take off with their growth. I am expecting to get my GDP seeds in about 3 weeks, so that will give me a month of letting it grow before these are ready for harvest.


I am probably going to start another grow of autos while the GDP is in veg because of their fast turnaround. Then once those plants are harvested, the GDP will be ready for the lights to move to a 12/12 cycle to induce its flowering.

I am excited to grow some regular seeds so I can see the difference in yields compared to growing autos. I have been pretty impressed with my yields on the autos I have grown. I have consistently gotten at least an ounce from each plant, but I am hoping to get quite a bit more from these GDPs because I will allow them to veg for a while and get pretty large compared to the others.

This should be a pretty fun learning experience. Who knows, I may end up stop growing autos all together and just go straight for photos from here on out. Consistently learning while growing cannabis is one of the most fun parts of growing. These next few grows should be pretty awesome.


GDP is one of my favorites and is a part of so many current strains, at least way back in the genetics. I have a seed left from the batch my buddy gave me from apparently the first gen of GDP, so he says as a store owner. I got a number of cool strains from him but the GDP is my favorite.

That’s awesome you got an OG GDP seed. Hopefully it still germinates for you. I am pretty excited to grow this one because so many people have such great things to say about it.

GDP is awasome, great strain. Did you get reg seeds or fem.? Your seedling has a nice color. How is your humidity?

I got feminized seeds. In the tent right now I have the humidity set at 55%. With winter coming here, the air will dry up like crazy, so that thing is going to be working overtime in a couple months.

I set the humidifier at 65 in veg.

I rarely buy seeds but I've also been thinking of getting a few of my favorite strains. G7 also called jetfuel is my favorite.

I agree with you that indicas are "better". Nothing beats the "hit over the head" feeling of 100% indicas Lol.

Autoflowers have come a long way and they are just as good as photos. However, photos are really easy to clone so, you don't need to keep buying GDP seeds. The clones from females are also females, which is nice. If you take a cutting [branch] and put it into a mason jar of water with tinfoil on the top with a hole, the cutting [branch] will just root in water! You can add cloning powder too for better results but plain old water works.

Nice. I had forgotten all about clones. Look like I may have myself an endless supply of GDP.

That's the spirit!
Cloning is really easy there's a few tricks you should know. Like keeping the clone roots covered. They grow in darkness and dont like blue light. So Use a cup or tinfoil or something to cover it. Some people like using rapid rooters. IF you have extra cash, def. get some cloning gel or powder. I think powder is better. You can also use an aloe vera plant because it has rooting hormones.

There is a hydroponic shop near me that has some gels and powders for cloning. I am going to have to check them out

Thats sick man! What a strain to grow for you first photo too. GDP is a classic, and famous for a very good reason.

Hopefully it all works out and grows well. I'm a bit nervous to grow something other than autos.

Hell yea dude! Nice buy, even better that you got to use some crypto. I'm like you though, I try to use LTC when buying stuff with crypto. It's always quick, cheap (but still not FREE), and seems to be accepted in most places.

Ya. LTC is the superior one for buying stuff with. I am hoping that ETH2 comes out soon so we can get better fees.

Thats amazing! I found out I can buy Magic truffles with Btc aswell :p

Nice. I've found a few places like that but haven't bought any cause I don't want them to get confiscated.