This bubblegum be hitting different


It is so good


This bubblegum has been curing for four months now and damn.... this is some STRONG weed. I had some last night and it transported me to another dimension.


I think that this strain is one of my favorites, but it is one that you need to be careful with because you can easily overdo it. Have you ever been so high that it feels like your teeth are imploding? It was like each tooth had its own gravitational pull and was turning into a blackhole and trying to collapse on itself. It was one of the strangest feelings ever.


This stuff melts away pain and is one of the most relaxing highs for the body. I am not sure how much I had last night, maybe close to a half gram that I vaped with my volcano.

My wife and I went to the gym about an hour or so prior to having some of this, and I knew my body was going to be wrecked from doing squats. But I wasn't prepared for the trip I was about to set out on. After having some bubblegum, I sat down on the couch to watch the semifinals of America's Got Talent. This is one of my go to shows to watch while high because there is a pretty good variety of acts and they are usually pretty awesome.


I knew I was in for a ride when my head started to feel like it was a hot air balloon and was about to lift off. Then the inside of my mouth started to feel like it was shrinking and my tongue was filling up the whole space. It was such an odd feeling, but not overwhelming. I could see if someone that wasn't used to cannabis or its effects had this going on, it could cause them to freak out a bit, but I knew everything was gonna be just fine, so I just let it all happen. I knew I had to just ride this wave to completion.


I am almost out of this strain because I shared quite a bit of it early on in its curing cycle, and now I have two nugs left. Luckily, this sprout here is going to replenish my bubblegum supply because it is one of my favorites that I have grown.

Everything I have grown so far has been way better than anything that I have purchased at a dispensary. I have been to dispensaries in a few different states and I haven't found anything that is as good as the stuff I have grown myself. It really is pretty amazing the difference when growing for quality over quantity.

I am just hoping that this little plant ends up as good as my other batch of bubblegum because it is such an awesome strain. I just need to make sure that I don't overdo it again. At least my whole body was numb and I didn't have any pain and I slept like a baby through the night.


This sounds so yummy, not just because of the name either. I haven’t smoked in so long, this stuff would surely have me teleporting all over the place. Only been eating Delta-8 edibles for awhile now. If I came across something like this, I’d definitely be down to burn it.


Ya, you would be in for a treat with this one.

I haven't smoked in months either lol this stuff would mess me up for sure

Well I haven't smoked or vaped. I miss both, but it's so much easier to just eat da stuff rather than look for flower. I'm not a pro grower like our homie here.

Oh yeah i just remembered you got a Volcano, tight! That bubblegum looks bomb. Nice job!

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Bubblegum... easy to remember, hehehe!

Lots of rumours around this strain, i got to say, many years ago i got some from Mr nice that had this genetics and this is some of the most tasty bud i ever had, it just fills you up in such a way that is hard to compare... Great to see this one, flash back time :D


Fuck snitches. And fuck you.


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