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RE: My Reentry Into the #5gallonchallenge!

Looking good man. Hopefully you get a lot from it. I just weighed the stuff I harvested and it was 34.4 grams. Will probably lose a few more grams in the next few days, but it was pretty much dried out now.


Very nice! And how long did that take, 4 months? So already you're growing at a rate of nearly 10 grams per month per bucket. If you could scale that up to more buckets, you'd have all the weed you could need :D

It was almost 4 months for this one. I have two more plants that are ready for harvest in the next week also. Then I have 9 seeds that I am germinating, with a few of them that have sprouted. So I will have a full tent soon.

Very nice, good luck with your new sprouts :))
I find that most of my plants go about 4 months from seed to harvest.

dont forget you gave like 10 to your son

That was from a previous harvest. I got nearly 50 grams or so from that one.