Only a few more days


Photo by me

This one is going to be amazing


One of my bubble gum plants is just about perfect for harvest and I can't wait. Most of the trichomes are milky and it is starting to get those wonderful amber trichomes that give you the nice relaxing feeling.


Photo by me

This thing is getting covered in trichomes and it super sticky. I am thinking that on Monday, I will move it to the dark for its last 48 hours before harvest. It has some pretty great looking fat buds that should fatten up a bit more during that time.


Photo by me

As you can see here, there are so many trichomes. I had some of the bubble gum from a previous harvest and it is one of the most relaxing strains I have ever had. There really isn't much of a head high with this strain. It is all body. It is a perfect strain for pain because it just melts the pain away.


Photo by me

These trichomes here are still a bit clear, but over the next day or two, they will be getting cloudy. And in that time, more of the trichomes will convert their THC to CBN and turn amber. The amber trichomes are really what I am looking for with this strain.

CBN is another compound in cannabis, with effects in between CBD and THC. CBN is an antioxidant, can help kill pain and inflammation without harming your kidneys.source


Photo by me

A good mixture of the trichomes above is what I am looking for. That is the good stuff. This strain is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I am glad that I have two more of these plants to harvest and I already have a couple ounces that have been curing because it will just get better with time.


[Insert drooling face here]


that plant looks quite mature I love the photos with zoom

Thanks b

looks like it will be great.
i love how healthy your leaves on top are.
mine usually at this stage are completely dead.
about the body effect, its what i like to.
my grow fit 4 plants. i always grow 2 banana blazes, and 2 new strains.
yesterday i managed to get 2 more bananas and 2 durban poisons from dutch passion seeds.
i always plant the bananas due its relaxing body effect to =D

Nice. I've never tried any of the banana strains but I have heard good things about them.

Oh my good, it looks wonderful! Awesome pictures!