Oh snap, do we have more sprouts?


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Things are starting to look good


This afternoon when I checked on my plants, I saw two more sprouts trying to push up through the soil. I gave them a good misting with a spray bottle to wet the tops down cause they were getting pretty dry.


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This one here was the first to sprout up 3 days ago and it is doing really good. I have all my seed pots propped up on a pot to get them closer to the light for the first few weeks of their lives.


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I am glad to see more of these seeds sprouting up and that I didn't ruin them. The watering I did should last them a few days, so it will be just misting the tops as needed. I did help this little sprout with shedding its shell by carefully removing it with some tweezers. There was also a bit of film on the tips of the leaves, so I removed that as well to help it open up easier.

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I removed the film on the leaf tips off this one as well. I think the seed must have been upside down too cause the taproot was growing a bit weird, so I put some more soil on the top of it and tried to position it a bit better. I am sure that over the next day, it will right itself.


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Do you see the seed pushing up in the middle of this pot? It is in the process of sprouting and I am sure it will be showing tomorrow. Hopefully there are a some more of them as well. It would be cool to have all 9 of them germinate so I can have a full tent. I was only expecting 5 of them, but the more the merrier.


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I was checking the tag on this one and the marker had worn off a while ago and I always assumed that it was bubblegum, but I think that this is a blueberry strain. I am hoping it is because I thought that none of the blueberry germinated. Luckily I have gotten a lot better over the past few months about keeping track of what I am doing in my grow room. Plus I have nothing but quad grape that will be in the tent for the next 4 months or so.


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@davedickeyyall thinks that this one is a northern lights, and I really hope that it is. I loved that strain so much and I am starting to run out of it. I am not sure how much fatter these buds will get over the next week or so before harvest, because these branches are all over the place.


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I am looking forward to getting these big plants out of the tent and getting it ready for the quad grape. I have learned since December when I first started growing and with this quad grape, I am hoping to put a lot of it to work and hopefully increase my yields and make some awesome weed.

I want to thank @jonyoudyer for all the help he has been and for everyone else in the cannabis community here on Hive. There really are some great growers here that have a wealth of knowledge.


No problem man! This stuff is fun, and I love it so much, and to think we make a few bucks at the same time!

Hell ya man. It's a win win.

They're interesting looking plants aren't they. It must be a different world now that cannabis is legal in the states.

I think in Australia They're still trying to push reform. I guess being in lockdown and being able to grow and care for plants must be s great way to pass the time. There would be some great crops being made with all that time available.

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Ya, it has been nice to have access to medical marijuana here. It is so much better than all the pills that I had to take before.