Moving some of the sprouts to their new homes


Looking forward to these babies


I spent a couple hours in the grow room today getting it ready for the Quad Grape that will be growing in there the next few months. Three of them are showing signs of becoming a nice healthy plant, so I moved them from their tiny peat pots into the 5.5 gallon Air Pots.


Some of the guys in the @bifbeans discord had said that I may have problems with the plants growing larger if I kept them in the peat pots when I transplanted them into the larger pots, so I cut the peat pots up as I was putting them in the Air Pots. Now their roots will be totally unobstructed as they grow out into their new homes.

The five other seedlings are still working on pushing up through the soil in their tiny pots. I noticed two new sprouts this morning that were trying to get up out of the soil. So now there is just one that hasn't shown any signs of germination or growth. One of the seedlings seems to have stalled in its growth and is not pushing up any further. This one had problems with its taproot growing up in a circle around it though, so I am hoping that it will fix itself with some extra time. If I can get six of these seedlings to survive, I will be happy with that because I have 5 Air Pots and one other larger pot.


I have got just a few days left with this blueberry before I stick it in the dark room for 48 hrs. I have the northern lights in the dark right now and it will be coming out later this evening for harvest.


This plant should have a decent amount when harvested. I am hoping for about 2 ounces. Once it goes in the dark, it should fatten up a bit more during the 48 hours. I checked its trichomes this morning and there are still quite a bit of the clear ones on it and I didn't really see any of the amber ones yet.

I am pretty excited for this quad grape grow. There are so many different techniques that I am looking forward to trying out. I was a bit nervous at first when the seeds weren't germinating, but I think I am getting the hang of it with the whole germination thing. Once the plants get going, I think it is a lot easier, but there are so many factors that can ruin germination.


Ooowww, this is truly something to be proud about!
I hope to grow my own cannabis one day :') I would need to change of country for that, but I'm planning on it anyway... xD

Hopefully you can soon. There are so many benefits to it

Those babies are really growing from the last time I saw it.
I realize I must have bumped into your sprouts post before.
And it's good to see it growing this much.
I am sure you are really happy right now.
And yes you are right about so many factors that can ruin germination.
You water this every day? It seems they are in some kind of bags and it looks more like a lightroom😁

They grow like weeds

Oh I see

Love those air pots!

I am pretty excited for them.

Nice one, I can't wait to see actual growth from those pots. They have me very interested for smaller veg plants or even peppers.

Wonder if they have 20 Gallon.

That blueberry is looking really good. Nice indica Dom strain

It looks like 12.5 gallon may be their biggest. I have heard great things about these pots and I really hope that they work out for me.

Hope they do as well,

Damn son! Thats a lot of plants! haha

Ya, it will get out of control here soon. lol

Looks awesome!

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Nice care you gave them!
and your tent is very good!
Good luck! ;)