Less is more


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Sometimes the hardest lessons are the best


So as many of you know, I have been having some issues germinating seeds lately. It is stupid that I went from a nearly 100% success rate germinating to barely getting anything to germinate and sprout.

I have been doing a lot of researching different germination methods and some of the things that beginners do that makes it so their seeds don't germinate and I have learned that I am not being patient enough and that I am severely overwatering the seeds. When germinating, you need to make the taproot seek out water, not drown in it.


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So hopefully the rest of the Quad Grape seeds will sprout up, but if they don't I at least have another set of seeds to germinate. That would suck though because I am really looking forward to the Quad Grape strain.


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The two larger plants that I have are just about ready for harvest as well. I am thinking within the next week they will be ready. It will be nice to shut off a couple of the lights in the tent for a while as well cause it is starting to heat up quite a bit here and having just one light on for a month or so will keep the room a bit cooler. This summer is going to suck for heat though because we are already hitting the 90s, so I am guessing we will be over 100 degrees for a lot of the summer.


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I am pretty excited for this plant. It is doing so good and the bud sites are filling in quite nicely. I am not 100% sure what this strain is because I was pretty bad at labeling the seeds when I was germinating them, so it could either be Blueberry or another Northern Lights. I am hoping for Blueberry because I have never had that one, but if it is Northern Lights, I will be happy with that as well because I love that strain from the first one I grew.


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One of the things I really like about this plant is the leaf structure. I think I did a pretty good job at defoliation and didn't take off too many leaves as it was growing. It is pretty much the opposite of the other one in there.


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I did some experimenting with these plants as they grew. I had cut a lot of the lower branches off to encourage bud production on the remaining branches and I was doing a lot more trimming of the leaves on some of them while letting leaves grow more on this one here. The result is pretty obvious that I cut way too much off the other plant because those bud sites are pretty sporadic and a lot smaller.


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This one is just a lot more healthy because it had more leaves to soak up the lights.


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This is the Bubblegum. Most of the buds are about this size or smaller, but there really is not any larger ones. The plant was getting extremely tall, so I had to bend the main cola and it is filled with these smaller popcorn style buds instead of having a larger main bud site.


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I am not really expecting to get much off of this plant just because of how weird it has grown through its life. I did learn a lot while it was growing through my trial and errors. So at least with the next set of plants, I have something to look forward to as I try out the things that worked and try some new things, like cutting the main stem and forcing the plant to have multiple main stems and grow more sideways and less upwards.


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One of the great things about growing is that I am constantly learning. I have learned that less is more when it comes to watering and nutrients. I am looking forward to continuing to grow cannabis and learn from the community we have here. It has been a pretty awesome journey so far and I have been loving every second of it.


Looks more like Northern lights than Blueberry

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I really hope so. My northern lights is getting low.


Yeah.. but Blueberry is so tasty

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Thats a great tip! I always water around the sides of the pot sometime with a seedling, so the roots go towards the water. It is crazy how they sense it, and know exactly where it is.


Well that just makes sense...

Wow, Man the photos are amazing. Tell me some tips 🤣🤣🤣.

Yeah the summer sucks I have to run my air and only have 450 watts or I hit 35c in the tent.

I actually think I have over watered a few seeds as well so thanks for that tip.

If you ever have any questions about photography, let me know.

It's been a good wile since I grew but there are a few things I used to do that increased my success.
I used a two room set up. One was the Veg. room for sprouts and growth, 18-20 hours of light. The other was the flower room, once the plants reach desired growth they go into this room to bud at 12 hours of light or less. Now I stopped doing seeds as soon as I learned to clone but I continued to try out seeds for new mother plants from time to time.
It's hard to sprout under flowering lighting conditions as they tend to want to flower after the second set of sun leaves and get stunted if they sprout at all.
I sprouted seeds in a folded damp paper towel picked out the strongest after X amount of time. From there the go to pet pots with your favorite starter medium, mist well and put them under a dome, keep under dome and well misted until second set of sun leaves come out then move out of the dome and grow out.
You really should switch to cloning as seeds are a mixed bag whereas cloning gives you duplicate results from the mother every time other than the occasional herm.
Also for sprouting seeds, no fertilizer other than some earthworm castings in the potting mix until out of the dome.
Crap didn't mean to be so windy here lol but I could go on for days about this =)

Cloning would be so much easier, but I have no way to get them where I live.

You can grow out a mother from seed and take your clones from it.
Just pick out your most robust female after sexing and keep it in a veg state taking the tops as clones every couple weeks or as needed.
If you ever want to have a deeper discussion on the subject let me know and we can hook up on discord or some other voice comm.

All my grows are auto flowers right now. Maybe in the future when I grow some photo periods I will look into cloning.

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