I got my Granddaddy Purple seeds today!


Super excited


The Granddaddy Purple seeds came in the mail today and I am excited to get this strain growing. I already have 4 plants in the tent right now, so I will be just germinating one of the seeds for now and it should be a few weeks until it is ready to flower once the other plants have been harvested.


It is so cool how much life these tiny seeds are able to produce. The world is a pretty incredible thing when you stop and think about it.

I can't wait to get this strain growing. It is one that I have always wanted to try and I think it is going to be one of my favorites.


The three red poison and one bubble gum are doing really great. I haven't had any problems with them so far, and I am expecting them to do great over the next month and a half. It has been about 4 days since I took pictures of these and they have almost doubled in size. It is crazy how fast they grow.


Every morning there is new growth on the plants. I am hoping that they get a bit taller in the next few days because they are pretty short, but they are super bushy. I raised the lights again in hopes that it makes them stretch a bit.


After I hit publish on this post, I am headed out to the hydroponic shop to get the terpene supplement. I am also going to be getting some cloning gel or powder for cutting clones off the GDP. It will be cool to experiment with cloning as it can produce a basically endless supply of plants from a single seed.


So far, everything with these plants is going great. They are 16 days old today and have moved into the beginnings of their vegetative stage for the next two weeks. I really love growing autoflowers because of their fast turnaround times, but I am looking forward to growing photos next as I can control when they move into flower. It will be cool to have a massive mother plant and her clones all going into flower at the same time.


Right on man! You'll like growing photos

I hope so. I really like the quick turnaround on the autos though.

Nice Grand Daddy is an awesome strain

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I am hoping that it lives up to the fame.

Those pots are so interesting, still wonder how living soil would Work

They are pretty awesome so far.

Sick ass strain, sick ass photos!! Damn bro. Still learning how to get some good macro shots.


It’s all in the lens man.

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Looking good. Ima try the air pots one day. Photos are good to work with, you can screw-up and make up for it. Good luck on the new seed. GDP is bomb bomb.

The airpots have been pretty awesome so far. I think you will like them if you ever end up getting them. The only draw back is that if the top layer of soil isn't moist, it can cause the water to run out the holes on the side, but if you wet down the top layer lightly before watering it will be fine.

By the way, how big is your tent?

It is a 4x4


there are growing just fine