Harvest Day!


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Fat and Frosty


The past two days, this lady has been in the dark soaking up the last of the nutrients in her pot and pushing them out to the buds.


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As you can see here in this image, there are those amber trichomes sprinkled all over among the milky trichomes. I have a feeling that this harvest is going to be amazing and produce some really great highs.


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Like I have said before, I use cannabis for its medicinal purposes and I have found that the CBN in the amber trichomes have helped me a lot more with my pain and other ailments. One of the things I use cannabis for is for my back pain because I broke some vertebrae in my back while I was in the military and cannabis has really helped me to deal with the pain and allow me to sit comfortably.


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My body was wrecked after the hike up to Timpanogos Cave a couple days ago, but I really think that cannabis is the only reason I was able to move around yesterday. It helped me with my total body pain and soreness. It is really great for inflammation. I just wish that people would realize the medical benefits of this plant because it is a life saver for so many people that are suffering.


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I am not saying that cannabis is a cure all though and that it isn't abused. But even if it is abused, it is still a lot better for you than alcohol. When I was a cop, the majority of the calls I responded to were alcohol related in some way. People act stupid while drinking, but it is totally acceptable here in our society.


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The harvest off this plant looks pretty small. I am thinking it will be near an ounce or so, but it is hard to tell because the buds are pretty fat and dense and there really aren't any small popcorn buds.


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I am going to be drying these for a couple days before I give them their first trim, then I will hang them back up for another few days to finish drying.


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My basement pantry is the perfect place to hang them up and allow them to dry in the dark. It is nice and cool in there and I have a fan set up to circulate the air. It is a win win for me cause our room is in the basement and these will make the basement smell amazing.


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My two other plants aren't far behind this one and will be ready for harvest soon. I can't wait to get these big plants out of the tent so I can give it a good scrubbing and get the Quad Grape from @bifbeans in there.


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When I woke up this morning, I was excited to see the first of the Quad Grape sprouting up. Hopefully I have more success germinating these seeds than I have been having recently. I think one of my problems was that I was drowning the seeds and not making the taproot search out water.

Hopefully I can get the hang of germinating so I can have a 100% success rate with them in the future. I think I am getting closer though because I have been noticing things that I have been doing wrong. The main thing I have learned with germinating is patience. Adding more water will never speed up germination. It will just halt it completely.


🤤🤤🤤🤤 I think I can smell it 😂😂. Man it's looks fantastic I bet it will smoke really well.

I agree cannabis can be abused but most times even the abuse is not doing as much harm. I have seen and personality know it helps fight worse addiction.

Totally agree man. A lot of those that abuse it and don't do anything with their lives are most likely not going to be doing anything with their lives regardless.

Beautiful! And your right, cannabis is not a magic bullet that ales all, however it is a great tool when used proper. And man you know i love my wine, and usually keep it to a few glasses, enough to get a buzz, but on Sunday I over indulged, and dude all that got me was sick. Really hate that, but over indulge with cannabis, your going to sleep like a baby, lol. But out of those 2, alcohol is more acceptable! That's a big time, WTF

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Ya, I have been able to get off almost all my pharmaceutical medications with the help of cannabis, but I still make sure to dose my cannabis when I am going to use some. That is one reason why I really like edibles.

You have a resource
Smell it well :)

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Nice buds is gonna be a delicuious harvest

Ya. I am stoked about these ones.

Amazing looking.

Thanks homie

Wow, I'm already hungry 🍕🍕

She looks beautiful! Marijuana is such a great pain killer. I had a thought the other day, that even with increased tolerance, I think you still get the same amount of pain relief. I haven't noticed any reduction in that area. Also, Hanging it in the basement is a great idea!