Got some beans!


Photo by me

Thank you @bifbeans


I got my package of new seeds in the mail today from the awesome guys at @bifbeans, and I was excited to see a bunch of stickers in there as well. I am going to have to order one of their shirts when I put in another order.

I ordered their Ghost Toof F2 and Quad Grape. Both of them are autos and I am pretty pumped for these strains. They have been pulling some pretty massive yields from these two strains, so it will be cool to see if I can get close to what they have been getting.



For the ghost toof, they said they got over a half pound from it. It is a pretty potent strain from a lot of the reviews I have been reading and is good for pain management and has a strong euphoric feeling that lasts about an hour and a half before the high transitions to a nice relaxing and peaceful high.



The Quad Grape that they have created is pulling some crazy numbers. They claim to have harvest 29 ounces during two separate harvests. 29 ounces!?! That is insane! Almost two pounds from a single plant? That is crazy talk. If I get a few ounces, from them, I will be happy. So after a bit more research into the 29 ounces claim, they pulled it from a harvest of 4 plants. That is still extremely impressive and I can't wait to see what I get.


Photo by me

So I have started germinating 5 of the Quad Grape seeds. They were awesome and threw in a few extra seeds with each pack, so I even have a couple left over for another grow.

I have been having problems with the seeds I was getting from Growers Choice Seeds. None of the seeds I recently got from them have germinated. I also had issues with a lot of the seeds I got from them before, with only a couple germinating. Like my Northern Lights that only had one seed out of five germinate.

So I was talking to @jonyoudyer about how he germinates and he said that he soaks them in water for 24-48 hours and then plants them. If they haven't cracked open in two days, he moves them to the paper towel method. I have just been using the paper towel method from the start, but I have heard good results from people using this method that he said.

So fingers crossed that it works because I am getting sick of not being able to use all of the seeds that I have been buying, cause at like $10 a seed, it can get expensive to have them not work out. Luckily Bif Beans accepts crypto so I haven't had to use any "real" money to buy them and it has mainly been my earnings here that have funded pretty much all of my growing that I have been doing.


Photo by me

Overall, the plants that I have flowering right now are doing awesome. The lady in the front will most likely be ready to move to the dark tent in the next week and the others won't be far behind. Hopefully by then all of the quad grapes have sprouted and will be ready to move into the main tent.


I am excited to use my new air pots as well. These should make a big difference in the plants overall health by helping to deliver oxygen to the root system. I also have a few other things I have ordered from Bif that I am looking forward to using.

I realized that I may have been using too much nutrients when watering, so I am going to be cutting back on how often I put nutrients into the water. I was giving my plants nutrients about every other watering, and since they have been flowering, I have needed to water them pretty much daily. These ladies are thirsty and drink about 3/4 a liter a day now. I guess that is what I have to put up with living in a desert. But at least the plants are healthy.

Anyways, that is enough for this post. Hopefully in a couple days I have some little seedlings to show before I put them in their tiny pots. Then after about a week or so of them sprouting, I will move them into the bigger pots for their final home. I downloaded an app called Grow with Jane and I am going to be hopefully keeping a better track of everything with my future grows, so I will know exactly how old my plants are. One thing I have learned is that it is better to take lots of notes while growing.


The Ghost Toof is 🔥 ... growing the Quad-grape now in the greenhouse... also consider trying the White Grape.. it was pretty good as well

Nice. I am looking forward to the ghost toof. I've heard only good things about it.

I’ve never seen that quad grape sticker, so cool! Good luck bro and happy growing!

Ya. They hooked me up with some cool ones.

Holy plant, those beasts are amazing i want one :D

Come on over. I will share.

Great article, the process of growing the different strains of weed sure feels more like a form of art rather than farming. Unfortunately, in my country weed is considered illegal but apparently, it is more smoked than cigarettes even by the legislators who continue to insist on how illegal it is. lol


That sucks you can't grow there. One day legislators will come to realize the many benefits that this plant has.

I think they do, but some countries are just deep in some f'd up cultural and societal beliefs. They claim to be protecting the society and the culture but that doesn't stop it from being abused, many of them are just ignorant and hold on to beliefs just because they need to hold on to something.

Nice, So far I am loving my bifbeans.

Them pots look interesting, Would love to see a review on them😀.

I agree at $10 a seed you really hate to see them not crack, I actually had a few no open but may been my fault IDK🤣

Ya, the germinating part is always annoying when it doesn't work out.

Right! I like bif for sending extras.

Ya. They have awesome customer service.