First plant dried and weighed


Gonna be a good harvest


The first plant that I harvested was dry enough to cut and weigh and begin the long process of curing. Overall, I got 32.2 grams from this first plant. I think that is a decent amount and it filled up one full mason jar.


The buds are a bit airy right now, but should compress a bit more as it cures and gravity pushes them all together. I really like the color in this bud. It is a lot greener than some of the previous strains that I have grown.


I have chosen to keep some of the longer leaves and not trim so close because I didn't want to waste as much of the plant. I am not going for maximum potency with my trimming and I don't have to worry about the flavor of some of the leaves.


I can't wait to make some butters and oils with this strain. With it being a 50/50 hybrid, it will be perfect for some midday snacks and have an effect that isn't too overwhelming but stick with you for the remainder of the day.


I think I will wait about 2 weeks or so before I try this strain out, but from everyone that has tried it, they really enjoy this one. It does make for some great looking photos though.


To take the close up shots, I used my 100mm macro lens with some extension tubes. I love how the trichomes look like some alien world. I got a notification earlier this morning that my new seeds will be delivered today, so I will begin the germination process of Ghost Toof, Red Poison, Purple Lemonade and Green Crack. I will be growing one of each. That should make for a pretty colorful garden. It is going to be awesome.


trichomes look on point for high THC, seems like its gonna be a bomb !

your pictures really make me want to get a nice camera. my cellphone is already 3 years old, time to switch for a new one it an awesome camera maybe.

peace deranged !

Thanks man. I have spent way too much money in camera gear, but every now and then I can get some pretty good shots.

I aspire to creating quality cannabis content for the blockchain, just like this post!
Looking great, I love the sparkles :D
As for "I didn't want to trim off any frost", we all totally know where you're coming from. The noids are precious!

Thanks homie. I appreciate it.

This is breathtaking. Would be cannabis heaven 😃

I have so much more that is still drying right now too, lol

Great tricomes shots

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Thanks man

!ENGAGE 4.20

i could tell from the looks

Nice work! And when it’s for the head, who cares about a perfect manicure when storing. If anything you can sometimes just give it a perfect trim if you fell like it before a bowl or something.

Ya, I don't care too much what the buds look like as long as they do the job. Wasting good trichomes is dumb in my opinion.

Some sexy buds


Thanks. I can't wait for the smells to start coming out while they are curing. They smelled so good while I was trimming and the smell only gets better with time.

I showed off one of your posts in the weed market Wednesday video yesterday. You always have the good pics

Thanks man. I appreciate it.

What a pics! that last one really looks a sugary coating :D

Thanks homie


yeah..saw it like that also

Looks tasty. Enjoy!!

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thanks for this information



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