my amateur grow :)

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ive been in touch with marijuana maybe 20years ago already, and lots have changed..
laws, methods, lighting, well basicacly everything, appart from the crescent love to grow ;)


anyone can guess any of the strains here? just a silly guess!?
next time ill post some close ups photos and will reveal the strains im workin\trying on this time :)
and all the specs ;)

@dedoverde (also in splinterlands)

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welcome to weedcash

thanks man

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Welcome to weedcash! Love that light.

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yeah bro, runs amazing... you just need to get the longer cables to take the transformer out the tent during summer and all good(great)

Yeah taking that driver out is a world of difference!


I got mine on. Top of the tent. It’s a 600 watt meanwell

heheeh yeah thats the trick i did the same :)
i had to! i have 2meanweel from the mars hidro you can see there on the corner kinda hiding there, plus the big driver from the lumatek, it was just putting out too much eat.
considering buying a good ac for the summer times still :)
thanks for the likes,comments:)

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