Papaya and the green monster..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where Partytrout and I are smoking from the Green Monster.. we're smoking something called Papaya × BX1.. it's still really early here.. in fact the sun isn't even up... so what we're still getting high..

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Morning Mornin... PARTY TROUT....with a Gandalf pipe!!!!!... and... SMOKING! lol

Fuck that is a nice pipe.. gosh darn!

Yah I think Beth bought that for Dave for his bard day last year? It really fucks with the perspective on the morning bowl because it looks reasonable at one angle and ridiculously huge at another. Giant bowl though that would probably give me an epilism!

Have a great Saturday 🤗

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Sometimes ya gotta get a little variety! Nowadays, I try to smoke less, enjoy gummies to give my lungs and throat a break. That being said, I treated myself with some full spectrum high test sativa for my vape pen. I also snagged couple prerolls of the Stuffed French Toast variety because they were out of the OG kushcake dammit.


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