Waterin Wednesday

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where it's watering Wednesday.. therefore I'm out in the garden showing off the girls.. Question for fellow growers.. remove the yellowing leaves or no? Which plant is your favorite? Peace out..

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Oh man they all look great! That Big Mack is impressive, but I bet I would be partial to the Bubba since I just love Kush. Does the Big Mack have that rotten banana smell to it? And yeah I do pick leaves here, and there. They also will help your soil. I would also lollipop the bottom shoots that are not getting sun. But thats just me, those plants are rocking! Do you have plans to put the top back up to add more protection for those thick colas?

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No top. But the plants have grown into the cages nicely. I do have emergency tarping in place in even of frost or snow.

I've been wanting to trim lower branches but haven't had time.. maybe I'll get to it today

Whats's happenin' Dave, sometimes I pull them if not they end up falling off on their own. Dude them ladies are pumping along nice!

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Thanks for the input.. my thinking was that's its wasting energy and blocking sunlight

I am far from a professional grow up but I have a buddy who is a professional grower grow up and I know he does pick loose yellow leaves off So I think you're heading in the right direction. !LUV your vids, keep up the good work







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