The Breakfast Joint..

Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm smoking a joint and coming up with great ideas for 2 years ago.. hindsight is a mother fucker.. the good news is ... I got rolling papers so joints are back in play.. roll that shit and grab a chair.. it's time for..


The Breakfast Joint..

Peace out y'all... Dave



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I will have to step in as your branding and marketing counsel. The #morningbowl packs more punch and does not limit the smoking apparatus featured in various mornings of weed preparedness.

Avs are looking a little deflated but you can't count them out! The best thing would be to taste a little loss and humiliation and bounce back from that to grab the win.

They've lost 3 in a row now... bounce back or go home

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The Breakfast Joint.
Cool runnings.

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Better late than never! Anyway we love #themorningbowl ❤️

Like the #breakfastjoint sounds like a great tag.

Alternative, if you tag it that are you gonna end up with bong tokes?
Sort of a "Left is Right" sorta deal?

Lmao. Probably

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Hey @davedickeyyall, here is a little bit of BEER from @tonytrillions for you. Enjoy it!

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