The Big Reveal on #themorningbowl

in WeedCash •  7 days ago 

Good mutha fuckin morning y'all.. today is the day we've all been waiting for.. well the day I've been waiting for anyway...


T minus 60 minutes...

The Big Reveal.. filmed yesterday afternoon..

Peace out y'all... Dave



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congrats on the property @davedickeyyall

Yes I called it! The big kahuna landing a real estate deal and a big chunk of the badlands. We can look back on that video some day and say that we were here when the great reveal happens.

I can’t wait to see this chapter of your story unfold. You may be able to grow a plant or a million and that will be something to behold as well.

Congrats double d.

the view is very nice .

Very nice Dave. Congratulations!!! It sucks it is in the middle of no where without any trees. Maybe you can plant some out there? Are the taxes cheap there? Regardless, if you want to be tax free and totally free look into getting a land patent. And you got a flag pole too! Your land is ready to be the land of Dave HA HA. Fly that flag I told you about and that would be a good start. What state are you from Dave? I'm from Florida so eventually I plan on flying little Florida flags on the front of my next truck like the Queen does her motorcaid HA HA. That and the American flag with the vertical bars flying in the back, I'd have it going on HA HA! I'd be a royal Floridian HA HA.

I wanna fly the Jolly Roger

How about a Jolly Roger flag with a big pot leaf behind him instead of bones? Skull and pot plants HA HA! I've got a rebel flag with a pot leaf on it. I wouldn't trade it for the world HA HA.

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