Dave's dirty house..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show... I gotta say its been pretty quiet on the homestead so far... of course it is barely 7:30 am.. no worries.. today should be a quiet day.. Beth is going to Denver.. I'm gonna stay here and clean up this disaster I call home...

Peace out y'all.. Dave

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Maybe it is just me but 3-speak is fucking with me. Instead of playing on your blog, it links me over to 3speak and the video is just a picture with no way to hit play.

I upvote with my huge 100% anyhow because I just know it is a quality 2 minutes of gold.

It takes me to 3speak also.. are you clicking the picture?

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Yah nothing.

Maybe popups? If chrome blocks 3-speak videos automatically, that is not great for newcomers!

I'm using Chrome..

I’m with you man the news is just driving people nuts. Enjoy your day off though


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thanks for the post, have a great smoke break