Till the wheels fall off..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm smoking the last of the weed.. I'm not even gonna have any for disc golf .. I wanted to buy more yesterday during my "day of relaxation" but that didn't pan out.. so I won't be winning at disc today.. otherwise I've come up with what I hope is a good idea to keep the plants from freezing. Suggestions and advice welcomed..

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Oh man you sure are tough on your wheels! Even the brand new keep. $110 tow from Alamosa to bumblefuck seems like a good deal. You must be fixin’ it yourself as I would have had that towed to the garage.

As for keepin the plants from freezing, I bet @evileddy has some tips from working with our grower friend.

Yeah it's a easy fix really.. remove and replace the spacer

Friend's haul:

That looks pretty good. How many plants?

That's just one plant!

That's cool. That looks like a tall plant. I kept mine kinda short.

Greenhouse or tent with heater!

DANKRUPT!!?!! OH NOES!!!! :(

Great 👍

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