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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show ... today is one of those days when filming is tough.. Last night I decided on a couple #grownassman drinks.. I'm paying for it this morning.. I'm putting up NFL betting for tomorrow.. good luck y'all

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Thanksgiving Day NFL betting lines..


Have a great day today...*

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Well since that game is basically a bum fight, I will have to put 5 Hive down on Detroit to make it interesting.

Hair of the dog!

DET +3 booked

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving man!

Time for a big hangover smoke and breakfast!

Some biscuits and gravy would work wonders.. unfortunately this is Colorado and they can't make B+G here.. if you want green chili tho...

Hunter S. Thompson land! I want to visit!

Pedialyte for hangovers! Secret cure!


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