Superbowl Sunday

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show.. normally Superbowl Sunday is a big thing for me.. not so much this year. In fact if I didn't have any skin in the game I probably wouldn't even watch.. but shit happened earlier in the year and I'm gonna be forced to root for Brady 🤮🤮🤬.. at least I got weed..


Superbowl Sunday..

Peace out y'all.. Dave


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You know, I STILL have a tab pinned on my secondary browser where I would research the teams and spreads so that I could play your pool every week. Then came the big squares game at Super Bowl time and I had a reason to watch every week (being a Vikings fan, you need a real reason to watch)

When you told me you were boycotting pro sports and wouldn’t be running is, I died a little inside. Kept that page pinned to remember.

I kinda wanna see the Bucs win it so that you get your cool prize though. To throw my weight behind your boycott, I am going to skip the Super Bowl and go help a restaurant deliver super bowl meals.

Good luck Double D

I'll do the betting again next season. Maybe.

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Doesn't any game suck without a boisterous and excited crowd cheering the favorite team? Yelling obscenities at the reffing? Or beer showers? Prob not much of a half time show either with social distancing rules in practice.

I forgot all about it too, MJG kept me informed as I don't follow it.

Congrats man, enjoy your silver. What's everyone's beef with Tom Brady?

He's great and people are haters..

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Fuck the Superbowl! And FUCK the NFL!!! The NFL gave $250 million dollars to Black Crimes Matter. So they can suck my rainbow dick!

Agreed. But I got in a pool before BLM..

Good Morning!!!
I'm ready!!!

thank you very much for the post, good grass to you

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