Ace is in the house..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where once again I gotta play second fiddle on my own show... Also Levi can't be here today but Ace came by to take his place.. hopefully Levi shows up in time for disc golf leagues today..

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Morning morning morning!


Good morning man.
That's a fat morning joint haha. Enjoy the disc golf leagues and have a great day!

Yo, whats up ACE !

Great week ahead 😊

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Good morning brother 🤟. Hey wanna take a side bet for tonight’s game?

Betting line closed.. but I'm riding with your boys tonight..



Looks like I got lucky getting busy and not coming back on. I’ll get some good bets in for Sunday. Gives me something fun to root for.


Is it just me or have your skinnies gained weight consistently since @partytrout showed up? Maybe because there is 9 pounds in the pantry? Man that is a FAT one!

Hopefully it was not as dreary damp and grey as it was here today and disc golf kicked ass.


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