Bubba and discs..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where Partytrout and I are smoking some Bubba Kush and watching the 2021 Disc Gokd Pro Tour Championship on JoMez Pro's YouTube channel.. Partytrout gear coming soon to a shop near you..

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I get so much shit for using grill lighters for smoking, and the one's giving me shit never have a lighter.

It's not as bad ass as the butane torch but it works.

Nice morning Bubba Kush joint, have a nice relaxing Saturday.

PIZZA coming soon ☺️
Great weekend ahead

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Morning morning morning!

Coffee and gummies today! FATJOINTERDAY!

Bubba Kush info: https://www.wikileaf.com/strain/bubba-kush/

Haha the troutface gets me every time!

We are still on the Yucatan peninsula and blasted a huge fat one on the beach with a world champion fighter. I can’t believe it is not legalized in Mexico yet but who needs that?


Troutface. #priceless

Absolutely sounds like an amazing time and I had no idea there was a professional disc golf event