Skeletons in the closet..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm opening up the closet doors to expose all the skeletons hiding in there.. there's at least 5 that I know of.. hopefully the ones from my childhood have already left.. shout out to @bifbeans for making today's episode possible..


Skeletons in the closet..

Peace out y'all... Dave



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I kicked the skeletons out of my closet LOL. Now they moved into my bathroom LOL.

Great.. someone to watch you when you're jerking off in the shower

They don't have eyes so they can't see shit!

Best of luck with those, I hope they come out great.

Oh oh... skeletons in the closet!

Better than bats in the belfry

Man I look at those cute little auto flower plants and think the may be more trouble than they are worth. Then you cut them all back and see how many buds grow on each and reconsider!

Back when you first toured us around what became Buttermilk Ranch and I was looking forward to growing them harvesting day.

Nicely done man. Can’t wait to see how it smokes!

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