The final day..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show.. it's fitting that it's a Friday since I believe I will finish the roof today.. I've already made plans to go soak in the hot springs tomorrow.. John has decided to go climb Mt Princeton today so it's all up to me.. but I believe I can finish this project today by myself..

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Looks like an awful lot of work left to do on your own including the insulation and vapor barrier, I presume you are adding the interior wallboard too. I'd be already tired after several packs of duroid tiles fixing my garage roof.

Insulating and vapor barrier coming soon to #themorningbowl ... stay tuned..

Interior walls... wait till next year

You deserve to have a great weekend ☺️

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Looks like it is taking a lot out of you but I believe in you and the power of weed.

Insulating that bad boy has to be at least a 2 man job too.

Post pics!


BOOYAH! Sky High Roofing.

Today is the last day, yay!
Tedious to be moving many times, but hey, you are finishing up finally... 15 feet.
You'll be done!

Great work thanks for the video! Get that roof done!

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Bro!!! How long have you been working in that house?