NFL betting lines are up...

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where once again we're trying out Levi's new water bong... we did a much better job packing it this time than we did last time.. at least we can get a hit.. also NFL betting lines will be posted shortly..

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9 games this week.. Upvoted for visibility

Screenshot_20210929-175106_SI Sportsbook.jpg

Screenshot_20210929-174845_SI Sportsbook.jpg

My bets

20 hive on Miami -2.5

20 hive on LV Raiders +3.5

Miami -2.5 and Las Vegas +3.5 .. 20 each..


What’s the over/Under somebody comments confused from East Coast about the game times😂 @geneeverett I’ll give you Thursday night action. Who’s playing?

Jax and Cinci. I took Cinci -7.5 online

Lines won’t move?


Let’s keep it fair. No need to wait to see injuries and line moves. I’m serious now. Keeping it simple. 3 Hive on every Game betting Under.

3 HIVE per game. All the unders.

Lions +3

30 HIVE total.. Booked.

No lines don't move. I'm way too lazy for that..


27 hive at risk to win 27 hive. I hope to go 6-3

My only other bet will be Lions + 3
3 Hive at risk.

I think you went 5-5 if I'm correct

Hey let me double check been offline. But I had 9 u/o and Lions right? Sounds right to me. So we even?

@geneeverett hey brother can you double check for me. My girl in tough shape with a virus or something. Just been outta my head


Goodluck on the bets!

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