Grape Ape..

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Good morning y'all... so I tried to upload this earlier.. got distracted and forgot about it.. came back to realize that it didn't upload.. so whatever jokes I had written have been erased ... #ShitHappens .. Anyway we're smoking the Grape Ape clone that Levi brought out in July..

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Great dopeness...

PIZZA coming soon ☺️

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Now that's an epic gif. lol

There about to drop Kyle Kushmans cut of grape ape at my local nursery, I hope to god to get ahold of it!

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You might like my latest rants I just posted Dave. They aren't G rated LOL I'm finally posting the juicy details of what my ol' lady did. Might be a good read for all you all HA HA. It is a two part blog. Read them both.

Grape Ape! I must try that strain!

Some Grape Ape info: