NFL Thursday..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm stepping up into the 20th century.. that's right I have actual electricity in the house.. not 7 extension cords running all around. Actual electric. Today is Thso NFL betting lines are posting. All bets accepted in HIVE. You are betting the spread unless otherwise stated... Peace out

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NFL lines..



7 hive on - Raiders + 3.5

7 Hive on packers -4.5

7 Hive on Bills - 5.5

7 Hive on Over (48.5) Giants/Rams game

2 Hive On Giants to win money line +375
5 Bets total bets 30 total hive Risked

Raiders wins
Pack wins
Over wins


Booked. Moneyline bet pays 7.5 HIVE all others vs the spread 7 HIVE each

Getting fancy now! Alright I’ll be back tomorrow for my action brother. My weed shop moved to my street and is 45 second drive away. Can’t beat that! Hope all is well brother. Gonna catch up on your posts now.

I can beat that... my weed shop is 25 feet away..


I had some delegation fall off and it brought by voting % way down. I’ll be back tomorrow👍 Gotta recharge

Mines at 68% just from curating lol.. I should go take a break

Pure niceness

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Good to see 3speak working.

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Semi-unlimited POWER!!!

Choco-chino** and 10mg gummy for breakfast!

Blueberry, CBD Kush and WAPPA joint for after supper!

**Choco-chino = coffee with chocolate milk

I like the packers -4.5

For how much?

Now you tell us about the spread LOL. WTF is all this spread bullshit!? If your team wins they win. WTF!? How the Hell did I win all those other times? Was I betting on the spread back then too???


Spread and moneykine is common place. In betting it’s always how it goes the point spread is bet or money line. Make sure you put down the action to avoid confusion. I hear ya just didn’t know. But it’s standard

Look at this example.. Tampa is favored by 6.5 points so if they win by 7 your bet wins. If they win by 6 you lose. But with the casino the -110 means you have to bet $110 to win $100.. so almost even money. I don't do this type if betting on hive.. if you cover you win 1 to 1.


However the money line is -300 meaning you have to bet $300 to win $100.. if you bet on Philly at +235 you get odds on your money. Meaning you bet $100 to win $235 such as I did with this bet here.


If I lose I lose $25 in this case a free bet.. but if Philly wins I win $58. But I get no points. If Tampa wins by 1 then I lose. If I bet the spread that same $25 bet pays roughly $22 but I can lose by 6 points and still win the bet..

I see... Thanks for explaining it Dave. All those other times I thought I was just shit hot betting on the winning teams all the time LOL.

😂😂😂. Maybe you should keep picking them the same way if it was working well

I didn't know what I was betting on. I was too stupid to be betting then just like I was too stupid to be betting these times LOL.

Some of the most logical bets I’ve made I lost and night of well of flipped a coin 🪙
But keeping it light just for fun is entertaining for me. Just something fun to do

Nah not stupid at all. Just something new to ya.

That’s a long ass pipe, lol. Hey, working switches and lights are always a good thing!

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