Plant update..

Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm heading out to what used to be the greenhouse to check on the plants out there. Theres 2 Bruce Banner plants, 1 Big Mack, 1 Bubba Kush and 1/2 of a Blueberry growing out there. I decided not to dig them up for transplanting.. but it looks like I need to do some weeding out there..


Plant update..

Peace out y'all... Dave



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Good job bud... grow in peace.

The Bruce Banners are looking nice and strong man! Great job!

keep up with the good work and consistency.
have a good day.

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Man I gotta get me some Bruce banner up in this neck of the woods. My crew loves blueberry and bb and have been encouraging me to grab some. Tough to buy more when I have a big jar of blue dream still to smoke.

Plants are looking awesome man.

Bruce Banner is okay.. I would rather have 2 of the Bubba Kush tho

Damn man I hope that is a female so bad! Been having some bad luck. But usually a male would of revealed himself all ready.

I hope its female too.. it's growing like a weed

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