16 Gallons..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where Partytrout and I are sampling some of the weed I grew... plus I'm finished harvesting and jarring up the weed.. let's take a look at what we got. Plus Levi gives his official review of Bruce Banner..

Peace ✌

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great to see you grow and smoke your own weed


bam a closet full of weed i'm proud of you dave

Awsome video! Love the end, legendery!

Thanks 👍👍

Morning morning morning!

Party Trout making them hippie salads!

Is that a disc golf tower beside the couch?

Yes. We call it a basket.

Basket! Thanks! When I lived in Whistler, B.C. some people made a wiffle ball golf course on the side of a mountain and it was a lot of fun to chain smoke joints and play golf. I am terrible at golf, but amazing at smoking joints!

Try hitting the joint every time before you hit the ball.. or throw the disc depending on what type golf you're playing

There is no try.. only DO smoke before every wiffle golf ball swing!

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