Patch it..

Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm getting ready for today's disc golfing.. I've got the 3 joints I need to play.. plus a little in reserve just in case there's a need.. or I have a bad round and need a little extra.. losing a disc for instance.. this morning's joint has a rip I gott fix first but....

Let's get high...


Patches Hoolihan..

Peace out y'all... Dave


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Go gettem tiger!

I am getting together with @sequentialvibe and @evileddy to blaze one and root you on from hoserville!

Blockchain represent!!

Here's a pic of me repping the "wrong" blockchain.. but one of my best discs..


I need a @canna-curate and a Weedcash disc..

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Damn straight you do!

One of Hive and Weedcash's biggest global stars needs to be decked out in logos for maximum exposure!

Nice. Hoping and fighting over here for my country to fully legalize it. If not for me, for others that either want or need cannabis.

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