BIG GUN Tuesday...

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where we've invented a new tag... #bigguntuesday.. in this premier episode we give you a idea of what we're looking for..

🎼🎵🎶 I like BIG guns and I cannot lie.. 🎵

Peace out y'all.. Dave

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That is a big joint. so it must be true that in usa everything is bigger. Nice guns. can you also shoot it in your garden or alone in a shooting range

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I own 35 acres and have my own gun range on it.

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that's pretty cool

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Holy sweet shit that is a cannon! Y'all are partying like it was 1999 on a muthafuckin Tuesday!

After that madness, you may wanna stow the firearms as it is going to be a long (or potentially short) day.

Living vicariously through you yahoos since 2017!

I just bought a new gun today.. the one in the middle..


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thank you for your post, have a great week