Waterin Wednesday..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where it's fucking cold... freezing in fact.. my homemade water heating contraption seems to be working.. the plants look and smell amazing.. Waterin Wednesdays are almost coming to a end though.. there might be 2 more episodes if I'm lucky so be sure not to miss any.. Peace

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Sonovabitch I swear I can smell that video!

When the wind blows just right, can you smell the growing area in the house?

It is nigh on harvesting time up here too with my friends either presently harvesting or pacing around their plants trying to pick the perfect time.

Gonna be a good winter man!

Good morning! Your "contraption" seems to be working, hehehe😁

Make your plants little sweaters.. lol


I believe you have smoked yourself retarded..

As if! I was retarded long before I even heard about cannabis! :D

damn so good looking plants.I once had a discussion with a buddy about cold and thc formation. Thc is a kind of protection for the plant. And light but also cold can help with the formation of thc crystals. I don't know if that's really the case. But sounds plausible😁 yes im high

Cold definitely helps with colors

Looking good! And that Big mack will take that crushing no problem :)

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