Jar time..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show.. Partytrout is completely unprepared with joint rolling.. I am up at it with my job.. cutting the buds off the plant and into jars to begin the curing process.. I'm starting with the smaller nuts first.. however I am showing off some of the donkey dicks in today's show.. now excuse me but I gotta get to work..

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Thanks for the nice quick tips :D. Hope they cure up nicely.

Those are some serious tops. Well done.

Jarring up the herb is one of the best moments in the grow. So much weight lifted off your shoulders.

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mann these big mac top are some serious stuff. look at the size of these mother fuckers. awesome man.. u rock

Morning morning morning!

Came for the quality cannabis content..stayed for the trimming tips!

You burp them jars?

Many times during the day.. less and less as the humidity and the cure improve

Right on! I did the same with mine! Got mold once! :(

Hope they cure up next nicely. Thanks for the tips and have a wonderful day.