420 WEED up for grabs.

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm smoking the Bruce Banner.. watching disc golf and putting up a contest. 420 WEED us up for grabs. I weighed the harvest yesterday ... take a guess and you might just win some WEED..

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I guess 2420 grams.

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2420... Good luck

today you started with drinking coffee instead of weed is 1.5 kg

1500 grams. Good luck

ok so when are you going to tell the right answer

4 days.. when the post pays out on WeedCash

Okay q

Congratulations on your rep 75!

Thanks. I didn't notice actually lol

Hehehe.. 75!!!
I wonder if we will live to be 75!

Looks very sumptuous to me.

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2955 grams

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2955... good luck

1337 grams

1337.. good luck

I’ll say 4020 grams

4020... good luck

Wow jajaj!!! What a harvest! Huge flowers! very well! enjoy! My sincere congratulations on those beautiful plants! I believe, I estimate, that there may be 3100 grams.
those jars are huge! LOL

3100 grams. Good luck

3.650.7 grams

3650.7 grams. Good luck

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