Grow update..

Hey everyone welcome to this weeks grow update... I spent a couple hours at Martin's repotting plants and doing some LST..

So this was the situation when I left...


Thus is a Durban Poison × Grape Presidential.. you can see the LST training I'm doing to spread the plants out and get them big and bushy..


These are the Ghost Toof plants from @bifbeans..


You can see here that they are starting to flower..


Here's the White Grape also from @bifbeans but approximately 30 days behind.. the goal is to harvest every month.. these got transplanted today..


Thanks for peeping my grow and stay tuned for further updates..

Peace out y'all.. Dave


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Nice job on the training, harvesting every 30 days seems like a good goal to have.

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All looking good!! I'm always amazed to see how far Durban poison travels! It's from my country, so always very cool to see!

Durban is one of my all time favorites

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Durban poison such a good one

excellent seedlings, I think there will be a good harvest, Happy Valentine's Day

Ohhh my. Pretty pretty.

I have high hopes for you now, Dave. do not dissapoint me🤣😂😋

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