Garden Update..

Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm sitting here with Partytrout in the garden area.. we recycled the broken greenhouse to use as a wind break.. plus I planted 3 more seeds... some of the Forest Fruit auto flowers I had laying around.. let's smoke this skinny and take a peek..


Garden update..

Peace out y'all.. Dave


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Great comeback from the greenhouse blow over. Plants are looking great.

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Ladies are lookin good! All that garden porn seems to be coming from everywhere as many friends are growing.

Here is one friend a little east of me.

Here is my poor weedless garden.

There both great! Tell your friend to come on over to the chain. And there is a new garden community on hive that we all we love to see your non canna garden, @gardenhive

The big Mack! If I had to put my $ on it, I would say female all the way!

I'm so hoping so..

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