Desert life..

Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where we're hanging out at my house... in the desert.. you know that place with lots of sand and cactus and no water.. yup that's where I live.. let's go take a walk out to check on the pot plants.. or a swim..


Welcome to the desert..

Peace out y'all.. Dave


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Hey Dave!

You and I made a bet 6 months ago in this post:

and I'm here to collect. I've been holding some liquid Hive myself just in case I lost in the last second... but looks like ol Joe came through for me.


Check your wallet sir.. I paid you two days ago.. I 😂👍



That's amazing! Thank you!

Holy shit.

All of that rain and all of that sun clear into the middle of summer?!? That has GOT to be the most ideal pot growing situation ever. No neighbours for miles, apparently few bug and a guard dog or 2.

You have it made in the shade…er sun as it is.

Lovin the ladies!

Hahaha, they survived... when all around it is flooded!

Those fuckers are growing like weeds..

Fuck a French drain, hell, you need a moat to drain all of that, lol.


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