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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where Partytrout and I are in the garden.. we spent a good many hours yesterday trimming in preparation for today's show..we took a lot more than we show in the video... roll that beautiful green footage and enjoy the show..

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Love that fricken view... hot damn that's a nice garden!

CATS!!!! Blueberry! I am smoking some of that today! YUMMY YUM YUM!


Thanks for the down vote.. don't like my content?


What? oh no must have been a misclick!

How about that shit Dave. You were so high and busy trimming your plants you forgot to mention how bad the Patriots lost to the Bucs yesterday LMAO! BUCS WIN BUCS WIN!

Who else's teams won yesterday?

TB didn't win.. well they didn't cover the spread anyway.. ya wanna know who won yesterday? The house. The house always wins. Adam won a couple of his under bets. He lost the Detroit bet... there's still a couple bets pending on MNF.. I'm taking the Chargers to cover if you wanna action on the 25 you lost...??

WTF!? The score said 19 to 17 Bucs.

Yeah they won.. but the spread was 7... they had to win by 8..

Screenshot_20210929-174845_SI Sportsbook.jpg

SEE! Straight from ESPN.
bucs win 10321.png

I had $38 on the game.. trust me I watched every second

Hopefully Party Trout stays with you to finish trimming all of that

Stay tuned..

all looks great. i like those scissors

This is the day I imagined way back when you broke the news with the big buttermilk ranch reveal.

@partytrout and the bowl and the start of the big harvest.

It will be great to see the huge yield and your review on which strains are the best.

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Phenomenal job getting to survive till harvest!

You're right and you're going to have some phenomenal munchies and smoke times here in a minute.

Awesome job man awesome job.

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