Brand new and 2..

Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm switching topics. I was gonna talk about me bringing @jefftipton420 to Weedcash and the HIVE blockchain... but he'll probably never do anything with the gift I've given him.. I even delegated him some HP so he can interact.. scrap that plan.. I found a brand new pipe.. one I bought 2 years ago and never used... yeah let's go with that instead...


Brand new and 2..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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It's so bad that people don't know how to operate in the blockchain system.

I had introduced @claireshee on hive & weedcash.
I even delegated 15 HP to her.
@wesphilbin had also delegated some HP.
I had to undelegate yesterday.


Because she misplaced where she had backed up her hive keys plus she claims she has campus projects to complete.

Meanwhile, enjoy some !BEER as we continue bagging these tokens.

Stay blazin'🔥🍁💨

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I bought his account from @blocktrades .. I had them back up his password

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whose accounts? @claireshee ???

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I remember Puerto Rico! I miss those days HA HA. You had a lot of fun there.

To much fun on some nights

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Pretty cool peice, Should have just left as a conversation peice

True cause it sucks for smoking out of..

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