Another Missouri morning..

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Good morning y'all.. another day here in Missouri.. hopefully a more successful day.. my apologies to any of my followers who live here.. you should definitely move..


Missouri... Day 2...

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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I would definitely be down to hear “the stupidest thing someone said to me yesterday” on the morning bowl.

I see 15 leads in your future today after that far one.

Really the stupidest thing I heard yesterday. "It didn't hail here..."

Meanwhile the house next door has bundles of shingles on the roof.. waiting to be replaced.. the same thing 2 doors down the other direction..AND directly across the street someone else's roof is being replaced as we're talking

You still haven't come to Arkansas yet! Why do you think I call it Faggotville? People here are fucking stupid! This is why I'm moving to Tennessee. So I can go live with dumb mother fuckers over there HA HA.

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