A investment story..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm recounting a story thst happened yesterday.. a investment story.. It does make me look kinda like a dummy.. but hey shit happens.. Besides I never claimed to be smart.. just stoned..


A investment story..

The @bifbeans White Grape plants..


Peace out y'all.. Dave



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Hell yah good advice.

When you see all of those commercials with they guys cutting free from traditional stock brokers and funds, the message is clear. What is not clear is the millions that goes into the marketing of these fragmented platforms to get your attention so you start using them. They were created to generate profit for the creators and shareholders of that platform. Especially when it is owned by a fucking bank.

Just wait til stocks get wrapped into HIVE and then we will really disrupt.

Til then, Hits from the Bong!

Dude, I can't watch your videos when I'm high. I kept thinking my dog was barking in the front room. haha.

I've definitely been burnt by fees before!

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Yeah Shawn knows I trade tokens but I don't think he realizes that it's free to trade on HIVE.. $10 trades can be pretty profitable..

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Hell yeah. $10 may not buy a lot of weed, but it buys a lot of $WEED. haha.