A call for engagement..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show.. I'm kinda bitching this morning ... everyone here knows how to grow shit.. let's grow this platform..



Peace out y'all.. Dave



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@davedickeyyall for weedcash president!
Engagement indeed increases circulation of the token and potentially drives up the price.
But not everyone sees that long game play.

I didn't see it until @taskmaster4450 pointed it out on Leofinance.io and I'm pretty active there and can see what's happening. I appreciate you always commenting.. 100% UV

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Yeah, you learn something new each day in that community.
Thanks for the upvote and the daily entertainment. :)

Yeap. Lots of people post and want people to come to them. One thing we can do is notice the people who post a shit ton, but never comment, and just stop voting on their shit. Haha

I honestly think this is a number game. We need new people. And people who care about cannabis, and social interaction. Vs the ROI guys.

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There's nothing wrong with wanting ROI.. I even tell newbies to start by commenting only.. people that give a shit will eventually come to your page and upvote your shit if not upvote your comments..

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No not all, but people should come in and have ROI as a bonus to a censorship free network. Rather then just come in and hope to make money and then leave when they dont.

I try to regulate my upvotes accordingly if I believe certain posts aren't that valuable, but I tend to upvote more than not upvote. News related posts about cannabis tend to always get 100% from me, because I believe news is truly important for the community.

I'm an active trader on hive-engine, but I'm not going to dump my coins, investing in weed is always a good investment. ;)

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Ah yah.

Engagement is where it is at. I have met the greatest variety of people by seeing who appreciates engagement, and interacting with those people. In fact, if you are just growing your network, you can do what I did years ago and hit the New page, find people with decent numbers and content, upvote and comment, and follow the ones who reward engagement.

It is what sets this blockchain apart from others and the we are representing our front end of choice.

Smokes if ya gottem!

There's absolutely no doubting your engagement level plus you write fire ass posts.. and it shows in your rewards. 👍👍

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Hey Dave! You are the constant here, friend. I leave for a while, come back, and my feed has a Dave post. Thank you for giving me somethin to always upvote.

Every day I post at least once. I've been trying to get into the habit of commenting at least 10 times a day on both Weedcash and Leofinance.

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That's a great point Dave, we need way more engagement! I will say I have slacked lately in curation but have been super busy on other projects and really doing some other behind the scenes stuff in trying to design some cool things for Weedcash. Working on some cool ways to boost the onboarding as well so we can get some fresh excited blood into the community to try and help get it popped off a bit more!

I'm looking forward to new people.. I want to spread my votes around. I believe in a cannabis platform. Thank you for posting quality content for me to upvote

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High @davedickeyyall! :)
I've noticed that on #LeoFinance too...
trying to engage as much as possible... naturally :)

And notice what's been happening with the LEO token price... engagement pays

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More engagement!

More cowbell!

Everybody loves pie!
Yeah, engagement matters!

I agree with you man! Keeping the community close and engaging with one another is important for us to grow. Glad to see your call to action on this. I'll be commenting a little more as well.

Also Happy Holidays everybody! Let's end the year with a BANG for Weedcash!

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Question... I am testing some things on Hivelist as well as the weedcash.org front end, I am thinking of extending to make some pages based on tags. But what I like about the display, if you go look at how it is set up, there isn't a voting mechanism on the post preview. This forces you to actually click on the post and open it up, and then read it to get to the voting area. This kind of forces engagement vs what I call 'vote mining'.

I would like to know your thoughts. For reference, check out https://weedcash.org and scroll down a bit to see the trending posts, and then go to hivelist.io/classifieds to see the way I am doing it with Hivelist. When you click on the link it still opens the nitrous article and such, but the initial display is a bit different.

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there isn't a voting mechanism on the post preview. This forces you to actually click on the post and open it up, and then read it to get to the voting area.

Uhm, very interesting!! Looking forward to check how that works mate.

it's already in play on the front page of weedcash.org and on hivelist.io/classfieds

thank you very much for the post, have a great smoke break