A @bifbeans update..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm showing off the plants from @bifbeans.. these are all auto flower plants so there's no topping, chopping or super cropping.. the Ghost Toof is starting to flower and the White Grape are just starting.. stay tuned for more details..


A @bifbeans update..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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Your endorsement makes me wanna buy some bifbeans!

That big one is already starting to look promising with the buds starting and that thick stem.

Can't wait to see the summer crop you will be rockin.


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Welcome to the blockchain!

Vibrant cannabis community here and Dave is a dedicated member. As a fellow business owner, the blockchain is a great place to market and is amazing for Search Engine Optimization when you externally link here back to your website.

Feel free to reach out if you can leverage my digital marketing expertise! Til then, thanks for providing the seeds of joy!

I'm soooo excited for grow season.. I got a greenhouse waiting to be assembled.. I've got top soil waiting to get amended.. and Jeff and I just went in on 20 more seeds.. auto flowers

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Right on man! Thanks for the constant support. If I where you I would go ahead and put those peat moss pots in the bigger pot you will grow them out in, that way you will not cause shock.

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I've got 3 gallon pots at the ready..

Love the white grape! You're going to love how quickly it explodes in veg.

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