Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I have wrestled Jackson into submission.. well temporarily anyway.. fucker wants to keep getting into shit... also in today's show some good news/ bad news.. even tho worst bad news always has a positive spin that can be incorporated. Except for the fact that I have no coffee.. there's no good news there.. well.. unless you count the water conservation..



Peace out y'all.. Dave


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Happy Friday Dave! Hope you win the game!

Friyay Friday over here.
Hold my !BEER

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Holy shit I can't remember ever seeing Double D BC (Before Coffee)

Last night's game is the only one besides the Canadiens ones I have watched all playoffs. They played like madmen and still came up short. As much as I wanted the Avs to win so that we could have more fun watching our teams head to head, all that loss did was save me money. I have a feeling that Colorado would have trounced the habs on the way to the finals.

Enjoy the freedom and the early start to the weekend! I have too much work to do to join you just yet.

I'm done for today.. time to get a start on tomorrow..



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