5 gallon challenge harvest..

Hey what's up weedheads and stoners alike.. today is a day everyone who grows their own medicine looks forward to... harvest day. Today I am harvesting the Cheese plant from the #fivegallonchallange...


Here's the before picture.. before I cut it down anyway..


If you've been following for 30 days at least you know I have a special routine for washing my plants after harvest. Yes even the inside ones.. here's my set-up waiting on me to start..


Step one.. submerge in a solution of warm water and baking soda.. stir the water with the plant for at least 1 minute..


Now I remember when I first posted about washing my indoor grow and damn near got crucified for it 😂 ... for all Doubting Thomases here's why I wash the indoor plants.. look at the dirt and bullshit that got washed off my buds..


Step two into the cold water plus lemon juice solution..


Lastly a cold water rinse...


Stop and take a selfie..


Lastly hang your dripping wet plant upside down in the closet or other dark place.


Then you'll need to blog about your project.. I recommend Weedcash.. might as well get paid for my content..


Add logo for special community and post. Process complete..


Peace out y'all... Dave

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It is knarly to see what washes off your buds! Congrats on the harvest, cant wait to see what the final weight is.

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I'm looking forward to it too but honestly I'm looking for quality over quantity

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nothing wrong with washing fresh bud, kind of the same as picking it when its raining nice looking plant for the five gallon challenge

What a great harvest, I hope you get more buds to see how your plants grow: D

I got a whole front porch that will be ready in about a month.. then more around October..

what kind of seeds do you grow?

Bruce Banner, Bubba Kush, Blueberry... plus a lot of auto flowers from @bifbeans... White Grape.. Quad Grape..

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Nice one, Looks pretty good, What you think final weight will be?

21.2 grams.. random guess

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