Contest update..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm moving the contest date up.. to tomorrow.. I haven't had any new guesses in a couple days.. plus I can't wait to start smoking this weed.. tomorrow I will weigh what's in the jar right here on...


Contest update..

Peace out y'all... Dave


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I missed it!
Oh, I still guess!
How about a 1lb 10 oz?

Lmao.. 1 pound 10 ounces.. I wish.. good luck..

DUDE! Dave, don't let this fucking vaccine bullshit get you down. Just tell these stupid fuckers, "How are unvaccinated people a threat if vaccines worked?" And then say FEELING STUPID YET!? I'm fixing to make signs and start protesting this shit I can't stand it anymore. Fuck all these stupid fuckers! I hope Beth and none of your friends are stupid enough to go along with this shit.

I am fixing to travel, and don’t wanna end up on a ventilator when one of you variant factories infect my circle. Good enough for me.

Good thing I spent the last 30 years traveling.. I got it out of my system. I'm cool with social distancing myself here on the ranch for the next 20

Wait till he finds out what is is actually creating the variants...

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Kind of hard to give you a disease I don't have LOL. Unfollowing...

If differing opinions and communicating is all it took, you should have unfollowed me years ago!

Beth will cave easily... I'm looking for local protests to attend..

Must be tough running the contest and not being able to smoke that bud yet. lol either way its a cool contest man!

625 grams

I hope you are right.. that's a lot.. like a pound and a third..625 grams.. good luck..

The world has lost it. My county is going apt shit , and only 4 are on the hospital. If people are truly scared of this, and want to protect themselves the right way, get a fucking hazmat suit.

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Man I swear you need smell o vision for those jars. I bet it smells 🔥

So fulfilling to see you smokin your own!

It does smell fire..

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