Grow update..

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Hey y'all whats up.. so I went over to Martin's today to check on the plants.. do a little LST and some trimming..

These are the plants we're going to do inside.. there's a good variety going on..


These are the plants I'm planning on putting in the greenhouse...they are all still under 6" in height.. yet 2 feet in diameter..

The first is Orange Kush...


My personal favorite.. Durban Poison × Grape Presidential..


And lastly the LA Confidential..


Peace out y'all.. Dave


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They are small but in a couple of months they will be a nice harvest

Coming along great Dave!

Looking good there Bro. That horizontal makes for deceptively thirsty plants. "Look ust only a foot tall, why does it need a 2 gallony if water?"
"Well that's because it 4' wide." LST

Man they are starting to look really good now. some really good training going on