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I've shared quite a few reviews here. Everything from recipes to restaurants, coffee and how it's processed to chocolate and how it's harvested in a banana orchard because bananas attract mosquitos—critical to cocoa pollination. Plane rides to road trips, check, music performances, those too but for whatever reason, I waited this long to review a water filtration device.


It's made by Glasslab 303, a company in Colorado, USA, first state in America to approve recreational weed. The above piece is called Quadruple Colored Lace CFL on their website. I just learned I got a discount, too, the price tag on their site is $180. The sticker price at Smoke Rings in downtown Knoxville was $175 and dude let me out the shop for $150.


And gave me a $6 bottle of Randy's pipe cleaner on the house, that and a $15 grinder—you need a grinder when partaking in bong activities for an even burn. $25 discount on the bong and $21 in compensation prizes for a grand total of 46 dollars in the green—thanks, Smoke Rings!


There's a few bong shopping standards. Firstly, smooth. Priority number one is a smooth rip. Something that burns easily, clean, and overloads the chamber with a thick, toxic looking smoke that exhales so smooth you're not sure where it went.

Cleans easily—next stipulation. I don't want a piece with a bunch of small crevices or pockets where ash and sediment can collect.

Price. Back in the day, back when bongs were called water pipes to avoid wrongful ostracism from the head shop, they were as high as five and $600. Nowadays, the nicest bong in the shop is half that.

Overall height on this one is 26 inches. I especially like the angled down tube—keeps the flame away from my eyelashes. It's a dual chambered, double percolator set up requiring very little water (clean's easily) with super thick, durable enough glass to possibly survive an accidental tip over (I'd rather not test that theory) on a tile floor.


I try to have at least two strains on deck at all times, currently there's four, three Kushes and a Sativa. I'm not a big fan of Sativa but when you get the homie hook-up at about $25/8 grams, you don't question the strain, you say 'thank you.'


Incredible Bulk, Hairy Potter, Cherry Diesel is the Sativa dominant and my favorite of the four, GMO, Indica dominant weighing in at 26% THC. For the purpose of this review—GMO.









~ ~ ~ ~















This is easier than I thought








Smooth. No choking or coughing at all. Cleared it and never overexpanded or anything—nice!


Bargain at twice the price!

I didn't expect that. I'm always searching for a piece so smooth I can't feel it but it's rare to be pleasantly surprised. The crew at Glasslab 303 blew a really nice piece here. $150 for all that.

They got my vote ✔️



That's a beautiful piece of glass. With as much smoke that was in the chamber, it probably only took you one hit on that bad boy to put you where you wanted to go.
Bargain for sure, I can also remember when the prices for these devices would cost you a couple weeks' pay. Of course, that was at the weekly rate of a teacher.
Being a union electrician, you could cover that in half of a day of stripping some wire, coffee breaks, and a few trips to the bathroom to toke up. 😁

Level with me. Have we been in the same job before??

Thanks a lot for reblogging this one sir.

I've never reviewed a glass piece like this if that's any consolation. I was ready to explain how bad I choked, it just didn't happen. 'Pleasantly surprised.'

Member some of those pieces?? They'd grab it out of the case behind the counter and hang onto with two hands like it's a pair of golden plated nipples and:


'W-what? You can get a gravity bong down the street at 7-11 for $.99 and it comes with 2 liters of Coke.'

That is the only way to roll, the longer a job takes the less time you spend sitting around in the hall waiting for your number to make it to the top of the list. Now that's work.

Ya, some of the old bongs were several feet in height. The last thing you would want to happen was to tip one of those over, they had to hold enough water to fill a kiddy pool, and whatever got saturated needed to be thrown away, that's unless you liked the smell of bong juice.
Coke was always worked good on the old cottonmouth syndrome.

And then there's the time Ryan dumped mine over in the back of the t-bird—car never smelled the same again.

I sure can remember the days of COOL pulls... After years of abstinence, these days I'm back to dabbling for a variety of reasons, but rarely smoke it because my near virgin membrane seems too tender? I cough every time. Feels like I just inhaled a mixture of black pepper laced with dry mortar...!!!

Solution...??? I concoct an elixir that can be transferred to a dropper bottle and squirted under my tongue to be subcutaneously absorbed quickly😎 for therapeutic purposes only of course...

Maybe I should try that water pipe you just reviewed?

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I've yet to dab or shadder or whatever they're calling it these days, I'm partial to flower and maybe an occasional edible.

I would expect to hack, sir. It's always one of those obligatory reactions but I've been hitting this thing for a few days now. @angryman, they really know how to blow smooth pieces these days.

Always a pleasure when you stop by sir.

I know the occasional hacking is common, but I'm talking about major reactions, to the point that scares people around me, like they think I'm about to die😝 and it takes me minutes to recover...!!!

The same thing happens to me, with a certain soup at Korean restaurants containing one particular spice that seems to get stuck in my throat. Yet, by the second sip or so... it stops having the same effect. Maybe there's Indica in the soup?!?!?!?

Is it possible what you're smoking isn't weed at all? 🤔 Might be time to question the dealer.

Now that I think about it, that worse hacking came from toking on a couple of diffrent neighbors stash... They probably had the same supplier and maybe it was beat stuff?!?!?

My guy has more mellow bud, but I got so accustomed to using it in a tincture, that I'm liking it better that way😎

I'm still thinking of a THC I'm opposed to. Even a neighborly choking stash.... this could be awhile.

Amazing apparatus you got here.
I read that you like that "in-da-couch" feel more nor Sativa. 😁
To be honest I feel you, bro!

Nice post. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for checkin this one out @cryptaurus8, i appreciate the comment. Dude welcome to Hive, I see this is your very first day on the platform, nice introduction post there—first hours actually. Welcome!

If there's anything you're hung up on shoot me a line, I don't know everything but I'll teach you everything I know.

I'll never turn down a Sativa—nope! But if I only get a choice between the Sativa and the Indo, I'll choose indo every.single.time.

Don't be a stranger @cryptaurus8.

Thanks, yes still my first baby steps here :D
To be honest you were the 1st user that I clicked on and it was purely because of the b.o.n.g so grate thumbnail pic.

Glad to hear that you welcoming me to stick around.
Will do Bro!

p.s. is there some option to do in-app DM to users, or some external dApp for that?

In app DM, we will be adding soon, it is in our todo list. But most people use discord and openhive.chat for chatting. We want to add chat, so you could communicate without leaving ecency.com.

Well then I'm glad I went with that thumbnail.

Yes, for direct messaging, the majority of users here are on discord. Do you have that? All of the communities here, curation initiatives, etc, they all have their own discord channel too. I hope this helps.

Thanks for your support!
Yes, I have, with the same username.

What a beautiful thing, well done my friend.

Hey thanks @farm-mom! That means you don't think a bong review was a terrible idea—perfect.

Actually, you inspired me, I am going shopping later today. We haven't used one of those in years and I have looked at them in local head shop. Some of them are works of art. Of course, that art is all I am interested in.😁

@farm-mom, you're just the best, I don't know how else to say it.

Coolest message right here! I can't wait to see what you get. You get what you pay for when there's no choking or coughing. Weed doesn't change, just the intake does.

Hurry back!!

yeah, I'll let you know what I come up with. It really brings back some hysterical memories of my younger years.
Oh those good ole days. Since retiring, I feel so free I forget how really old I am. But that won't stop me from checking out the head shop today, I am on a mission.😉😁😊

Can I talk you into documenting your experience?

I'll have to think on that one Artz, I don't want to encourage any illegal behavior, NY, is still not on board. I like running under the radar so to speak.

Fair enough. I completely understand. Each state is lifting and strengthening their laws regularly, I wasn't sure where NYC stood.

Eh, I was just recently told F'ing my neighbor that Jersey just legalized recreational. Can you confirm that?

Since I don't do wed, I have no idea what's going on here... but as a bit of kit sitting at home, it ticks the aesthetic box 😊

Good morning/afternoon @livinguktaiwan. This is a pleasant surprise. I hope and yours are well...

Still waiting for these gates to open

Having spent about 8 months total in the UK, it's much more frowned upon there than here with Liverpool being an exception—definitely differs culturally. Seems like depending where you are geographically and whether or not alcohol/tobacco is rampant, lawmakers tend to weigh in against marijuana. The more lenient they are with alcohol/tobacco, seems they're more lenient with weed.

My wife doesn't really smoke, either, just a rare taste before bed if anything. I, however, am a danger to myself if I don't partake! 😉

Thanks for stopping by—been a pleasure.

Wicked looking peice, I think well worth the coin.

I also agree about having atleast 2 strains around. More the better 😀🤣

How's it goin @skylinebuds? Thanks for checkin this one out. If I don't alternate between a few strains and just stick to one, I swear the thing stops getting me high.

for you

Here, here @eii! 🍻

That looks like a nice piece.. definitely $175 worth..

Posted via weedcash.network

What's up @davedickeyyall? This is a pleasant surprise. Oh man I'm so pleased with the purchase. Thanks for checkin this one out.

I keep seeing this #weedcash network and wanted to show some love.

Hey while I got you, what site are you using to trigger your alt accounts? I have two Alts that I just can't seem to get to follow me for shit. I've even staked them to 140HP thinking that would do the trick but it didn't. 🤔

Any suggestions?

I don't use alt accounts.. sorry I'm no help

Posted via weedcash.network

My mistake. I saw two accounts trailing you and assumed they were yours.

Sounds like you were in the green in more ways than one 😉

Tiz the season for great starts. Wassup Nicky? How's 2021 treating you not counting lockdown, PM mandates, distribution chaos, or anything like that?

I think it still feels like 2020 v2 here. But just got to stay positive man, laugh things off, have a beer 🍻 and listen to dnb 😉

How is it your side?

Business as usual. I've seen a few people wear a mask at the gym, that's about it.

Wow, that sounds like some "normality" - enjoy it!

Saw what happened at the White House... that's some crazy shit!

Craziest part is what they showed. I saw some YouTube clips. I've seen more police swarm a concert in less time than the they did the Capitol Building.. Do people actually believe this shit?

I'm not sure what the point was. To look like they can't defend the capitol to the rest of the world but they can defend a horse race? Ridiculous.. reminds me of something a Hollywood film producer like Steve Mnuchin would draw up.

I was wondering why the Black Lives Matter protests seemed to be more heavily policed last year vs people actually ransacking the white house... that's tantamount to treason isn't it?! Weren't some officers posing for selfies with them? Say whaaaaaaat!

I don't know what's real and what's not anymore Nicky.

Very nice piece! Better throw in a grinder since you are splurging , haha

Posted via weedcash.network

Hey thanks for stopping by @canna-curate, you brought the whole trail with you. 👍🏿

I keep seeing weedcash grows in my feed and wanted to show some love.

Yay! 🤗
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Here I go again, asking for some help. This was a reply that I got on a post and I have no idea how to speak Russian or read it.

I figured maybe @pura might be able to translate.

There is a chance it may be Spanish or possible pig-Latin.

Thanks for asking pura.

Estoy asi como nadie carece de la capacidad creadora, nadie carece de secretos, que cada quien según su gusto hace saber o lleva hasta la tumba. Me encanto leer tu elocuencia ante el tema.

If the translation is not sweet, uplifting, and just totally complimentary, have her dress it up a little for me.😁

If the translation is not sweet, uplifting, and just totally complimentary, have her dress it up a little for me.😁

That's hilarious!